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So, I just wanted to throw this out there…I LOVE natural light photos! They are warm and real. Just looking at them makes me feel as if I am standing right there. I love the results I get with my natural light photography. Now, being a natural light photographer does not mean that I throw you out into the harsh sun at high noon and snap away. That would make for all kinds of ugly shadows and I am pretty sure you don’t want that. Shooting in natural light or available light just means that I know the best times of day to shoot to give you the beautiful shots you are after. Of course you need to know how to use your camera as well but I am only speaking of the light right now:)  I know where to sit you to get the best shots and the most flattering light. I practice these techniques, I crave this kind of photography. It is my craft and I absolutely LOVE what I do. So I will leave you with some of my natural light shots.

Remember all these were shot using natural light aka available light, no flash! It is possible to get beautiful natural light shots even indoors. It takes practice and you MUST learn how to use your camera in manual. If you don’t, your camera will tell you “hey there isn’t enough light, you gotta use the flash” when it simply is not true. If you have any questions about natural light or using your camera in manual, please shoot me an email at

So, you booked your fall session with me but now you have no clue what to wear? Well, look below to get some ideas of what might work well for your session. You don’t all have to wear the same clothes or event the same color clothes for your photos to look beautiful. A few tips are to wear colors that go together and use them on everyone. Don’t wear clothes with logos! This is a big no no. Think about these photos hanging on the wall above your couch…you don’t really want to see the GAP logo in all your shots, do you? Also, think about your location and make sure that your outfit “goes” with your location. If you are in a field, it is probably not the best match to wear heels and a mini skirt 😉 Please remember that NOW is the time to book your holiday session! I only have limited dates and times available to book today by contacting me at

I know it has been awhile but here I am bringing you another before and after. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask! 
This picture of this beautiful Indian prince was taken earlier this year. At the time, I was using ACR(Adobe Camera RAW) and CS3(Photoshop CS3) to edit. This shot is more of a studio set up but it is done with all natural light:)In ACR, I adjusted white balance using a custom white balance which I achieve using a gray kard. I then pulled this into CS3 where I first did a curves layer. I pulled the middle of my line up to get rid of the “fog” in the picture. The “fog” is usually more noticeable in outdoor shots but you can still see that it helped for this shot as well. Next, I added a Selective Color Layer and on the Neutrals, I upped the Blacks to +5. This gives a bit more definition to my subject. I then cropped my picture as you can see in the SOOC(straight out of camera) shot, there is a bit of the reflector showing on the side. Finally, I used the clone tool to remove the yellow flower out of his hand for a cleaner looking final image. If you have any questions, email me

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